International Biopharma Industry Week Shanghai 2023 Opens
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On October 16th, the inaugural ceremony of the 2023 International Biopharma Industry Week Shanghai (IBIWS 2023) unfolded at the Zhangjiang Science Hall in Shanghai. Spanning five days, this event, themed as "Striving Together for A Thriving Industry," endeavors to set a paradigm for the sector through innovative accomplishments, steer industry dynamics through its prominent stakeholders, amplify industry visibility via diverse initiatives, and bring its mission to fruition through in-depth exchanges. IBIWS 2023 encompasses a high-profile launch ceremony of exceptional standards and nearly 40 concurrent, top-tier events. Furthermore, a range of IBIWS-affiliated events are scheduled throughout the year, forming a "5 + 360" framework (comprising a five-day concentrated program during IBIWS and an additional 360 routine activities).

Leveraging “first mover” advantage to constantly incubate innovation

Shanghai stands as the birthplace of Chinas contemporary pharmaceutical sector. Presently, Shanghai remains steadfast in its commitment to fostering an innovation-focused biopharmaceutical industry. As evidentthe statistics unveiled during the inaugural ceremony, Shanghai maintains its position as the frontrunner in China with respect to biopharmaceutical innovation capabilities in 2023. During the periodJanuary to August, Shanghai secured a noteworthy 133 clinical approvals for class 1 innovative medications, which encompasses 20 clinical trial approvals for cell and gene therapy. Moreover, eight medical devices originatingShanghai have been admittedthe national special approval track for innovative medical devices.

During the opening ceremony of this industry week, Shanghai unveiled three significant action plans targeting the cutting-edge domains of synthetic biology, gene therapy, and medical robotics, positioning itself as the "first mover" in China. To elaborate, the "Action Plan of Shanghai for Accelerating Synthetic Biology Innovation Incubation and Establishing a High-end Bio-Manufacturing Industrial Cluster (2023-2025)" delineates Shanghais commitment to harnessing the current global bio-economy transformation, with synthetic biotechnology serving as a pivotal engine for propelling the citys high-end manufacturing sector. In parallel, the "Action Plan of Shanghai for Propelling Scientific and Technological Innovation and Industrial Advancement in Gene Therapy (2023-2025)" underscores Shanghais determination to advance essential and fundamental technologies in the realm of gene therapy. This initiative aims to enhance clinical research and transformation capabilities, promote advancements in production processes, optimize the industrial development ecosystem, and comprehensively elevate Shanghais scientific and technological innovation incubation prowess and industrial development standing in the gene therapy field. Moreover, the "Action Plan of Shanghai for Advancing the Medical Robotics Industry (2023-2025)" reveals that Shanghai is actively forging an open and pioneering innovation system that seamlessly integrates industry and healthcare. Driven by digital and smart technology, this endeavor seeks to cultivate a range of domestically leading and potentially internationally advanced innovative medical robotic products.

The implementation of the three actions plans will fortify the function of Shanghai as an incubator of sci-tech innovation and unlock enormous power for high-quality development, thereby helping Shanghai to accelerate its push to build an internationally influential hub for biopharma innovations. 

Embracing “digitalization” to promote endless integration of the digital economy and the real economy

In the contemporary global landscape, scientific and technological innovation is experiencing rapid growth, while the worldwide process of digitalization is still in its early stages. Within the framework of expediting new industrialization and actively fostering the profound convergence of the digital economy with the tangible economy, it is undeniable that the digital transformation of the biopharmaceutical industry carries immense symbolic importance.

The inauguration ceremony featured the official unveiling of the Ecosystem Atlas for Digital Transformation of Global Biopharma Industry 2023, hereinafter referred to as the "Atlas." This comprehensive Atlas was a collaborative effort by several prominent entities, including the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT), Shanghai Biopharmaceutical Industry Promotion Center, Special Committee on Biopharmaceutics Digitization of the Shanghai Biopharmaceutical Industry Association, the Intelligent Medicine Institute at Fudan University, Shanghai Municipal Economic and Informatization Development Research Center, and Shanghai Zhangjiang Biopharmaceutical Base Development Co., Ltd. The Atlas meticulously delineates the holistic landscape of the biopharmaceutical industrys digital transformation and highlights enterprises representing six core applications, four industrial platforms, and six pivotal technologies. Specifically, the six core applications encompass critical domains spanning Research and Development (R&D), production, supply chain management, marketing, quality control, and overall management. The four industrial platforms encompass the Data Middle Platform, Cloud Platform, Industrial Internet Platform, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Platform. The six foundational technologies encompass Big Data, the Internet of Things (IoT), Data Twin, Mixed Reality, Blockchain, and 5G. Collectively, these core applications, industrial platforms, and foundational technologies constitute the fundamental components driving the digital transformation of the biopharmaceutical industry.

Shanghai has distinguished itself as the pioneering city in China to initiate an all-encompassing urban digital transformation. Riding the wave of digital advancement, Shanghais biopharmaceutical industry has consistently viewed digital transformation as a pivotal catalyst to augment the core competitiveness of its enterprises. Over time, a multitude of exemplary enterprises have surfaced as pioneers in the realm of digital transformation within the biopharmaceutical sector. Notably, the Atlas prominently features numerous enterprises hailingShanghai. The unveiling of the Atlas during the inauguration ceremony serves as both an acknowledgment and an endorsement of the unwavering commitment and proactive endeavors undertaken by Shanghais biopharmaceutical industry in driving forward the cause of digital transformation.

Making a big push to “go global” to promote rapid and steady global cooperation 

Shanghai serves as the epicenter and gateway to Chinas policy of opening-up to the world. Three decades ago, the "Shanghai International Express" in the biopharmaceutical industry blazed a trail by swiftly establishing connections with the global arena. In the present era, Shanghais biopharmaceutical industry is steadily evolvingan indispensable node within the global framework of the biopharmaceutical sector.

The "Launching Ceremony of the International Partners for Global Expansion of Innovative Medical Devices in Shanghai " took place during the opening ceremony. AstraZeneca, Roche, Eli Lilly, Bayer, Boehringer Ingelheim, Sanofi, Johnson & Johnson, Medtronic, Boston Scientific, Tigermed, IQVIA, and other prominent representativesthe Shanghai Partner Network for the Global Expansion of Biopharmaceutical Products jointly announced this momentous launch. This initiative is an integral component of Shanghais thoughtfully crafted facilitation package for local innovative enterprises venturingthe international arena. Its primary objective is to guide these enterprises to leverage their respective strengths in Research and Development (R&D), foster an innovative framework for delivering global services, contribute to the pool of knowledge and expertise known as "Shanghai Wisdom," and ultimately advance the betterment of the world at an accelerated pace.

During the opening ceremony, the assembled participants engaged in insightful dialogues regarding the strategic deployment of global resources to enhance their competencies in navigating international markets. These discussions aimed to chart a course toward forging a novel global development landscape for the industry.

It has come to light that, for the first time, overseas parallel sessions will be convened as part of the IBIWS proceedings. Commemorating the 10th anniversary of the inception of the "Belt and Road" Initiative, Shanghai has orchestrated a delegation comprising 20 distinguished educational institutions, such as Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine and the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, alongside exemplary enterprises. This delegation will embark on a journey to Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan, and subsequently, to Kazakhstan. The primary objective of this expedition is to collectively explore emerging trends in the innovative development of medical technology, advance cooperation in international biopharmaceutical projects, facilitate the implementation of Shanghais innovative medicines and medical devices, exchange invaluable insights on institutional practices, regulations, management, and standards, and foster a shared consensus on principles of openness, collaboration, development, and mutually beneficial progress.

As the adage goes, "One tree does not make a forest." Thanks to three decades of resolute and swift progress, Shanghais biopharmaceutical industry is in the process of evolvinga basic "ecosphere"a multifaceted "ecosystem" akin to a thriving rainforest. This ecosystem harmoniously amalgamates five vital components: the “innovation chain, industry chain, capital chain, talent chain, and space chain.”

Concerning the "space chain," Shanghai has consistently upheld the principle of "ensuring sufficient land for exceptional projects and ample space for major industries." The holistic strategy of "R&D in Zhangjiang + Made-in-Shanghai" has become a customary approach. Notably, the opening ceremony marked the official release of the "Action Plan of Shanghai for Accelerating the Development of Intelligent Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Space." This plan was collaboratively developed and issued by several key stakeholders, including the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization, Shanghai Municipal Development & Reform Commission, Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Planning and Natural Resources, Shanghai Municipal Commission of Housing and Urban-rural Development, State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Shanghai Municipality, and Shanghai Municipal Drug Administration. The plan is set to fortify the spatial infrastructure for the progression of the biopharmaceutical industry in Shanghai, empowering enterprises to harness the unfolding industry opportunities. According to this strategic initiative, Shanghai will embark on the construction of nearly 5 million square meters of standard workshops tailored for the biopharmaceutical sector over the next two years. Simultaneously, a new hierarchical system for industry facilities, spanning "incubation, research and development, pilot plant testing, and industrialization," will be established. This endeavor will give rise to a novel economic and industrial hub dedicated to global biopharmaceutical industry R&D. Furthermore, the plan will provide support to developers in Lingang, Zhangjiang, Waigaoqiao, and other regions to create intelligent biopharmaceutical manufacturing spaces. This effort is aimed at achieving the "intelligent commanding height" within high-end biopharmaceutical manufacturing in Shanghai, thereby solidifying the foundation for establishing a world-class biopharmaceutical industrial cluster.

At present, Shanghai is swiftly crafting a world-class biopharmaceutical industrial cluster that resembles a flourishing rainforest. During the opening ceremony, both Chinese and international industry stakeholders enthusiastically exchanged their perspectives and ideas for collaboratively building this industrial hub.

The International Biopharma Industry Week Shanghai (IBIWS), recognized as an internationally influential brand for biopharmaceutical industry events, has successfully completed two editions. It has garnered enthusiastic responses both within China and on the global stage, delivering a multitude of innovative outcomes and manifesting a significant impact on advancing the high-quality development of the biopharmaceutical sector. Notably, IBIWS 2023 coincides with the celebration of the 30th anniversary of Shanghais strategic emphasis on developing the biopharmaceutical industry. The journey"emerging" to "embracing global innovation," and"introducing innovationsaround the world" to "exporting innovations to the world," particularly in the context of new pharmaceuticals in China, reflects the remarkable evolution of Shanghais biopharmaceutical industry. This transformation serves as a prominent and tangible example of the growth of Chinas biopharmaceutical sector, both in terms of size and influence. Consequently, the 2023 IBIWS holds special significance as it looks back on the past while continuing to progress. The opening ceremony featured a range of activities paying tribute to the remarkable development of Shanghais biopharmaceutical industry over the past three decades. Simultaneously, interviews with key figures who have witnessed the industrys 30-year evolution in Shanghai are being published in installments on the official IBIWS website, commemorating the industrys milestones and achievements.

IBIWS serves as a foundation for Shanghais biopharmaceutical industry to gain global recognition, consolidate all essential elements across the value chain, bring together forward-thinking concepts, and foster innovation. In the pursuit of establishing a world-class biopharmaceutical industrial cluster, Shanghais biopharmaceutical sector, enriched by its world-class industrial ecosystem, is actively sharing its robust, dynamic, and boundless development prospects with the international community.